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"I have only recently been made aware of MB of Darlington, but after the service I received from the team I will be using them from now on. The quality of the work they carried out was first class and great value."

Alan, aged 34, Newton Aycliffe.

"Friendly staff, excellent service, reasonable prices. Would recommend to all."

Bill, aged 63, Spennymore.

"There are few garages I would entrust my pride and joy Mercedes-Benz. The team at MB of Dalrington are a true exception to the rule. They have worked on all our family cars and been open, honest, friendly and highly professional on all occasions. If a part is showing sign of wear they will tell you and take into account your use and mileage and give an open opinion of issues. Not out to maximise their income at all costs. Highly recommended."

John, aged 55, Darlington

"My E320 CDI developed an engine fault en route from Leicestershire to Northumberland and having identified MB Darlington as the nearest specialist we diverted off the A1 in limp mode having telphoned in advance. We were attended to immediately and the problem was rapidly diagnosed. As the repair was going to take a couple of days we continued our journey in a hire car and arranged to pick up the Mercedes on our way home some days later. I can only praise Chris and his team for the professional and courteous way in which they dealt with us and have no hesitation in recommending MB Darlington."

Warren, Leicestershire

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