Merecedez Benz Darlington - FREE checks

Permanent savings, not short term offers

At MB of Darlington, we have driven down the cost of driving a Mercedes-Benz by offering year-round savings against dealership servicing and maintenance prices.

You pay less than 50% of the price you’d pay at a Mercedes-Benz dealership. As we are independent, we can offer you Mercedes-Benz standards at much lower rates.

Your Mercedes-Benz warranty is unaffected, giving you peace of mind as well as great savings.

We don't cut corners - only costs. So why pay dealership prices?

When we service your Mercedes-Benz we pay ultimate attention to detail and only use;

  • Mercedes-Benz equipment and diagnostics
  • Mercedes-Benz service schedules and repair times
  • Mercedes-Benz Digital Service Reports, records officially documented
  • Mercedes-Benz trained technicians
  • Mercedes-Benz specified fully synthetic Petronas

Smart independent repair and service specialist